Tips For Improving Home Security For The Holidays


Holidays are essentially important in everyone’s life, apart for it being a time of personal reflection, it can also be considered as moments of happiness and dialogue with life. There are numerous forms of holidays, ranging from school holidays, Christmas holidays, New Year holiday, job holiday or vacation. Any relaxation period that has a long weekend in between can be considered a vacation. However, as long as everyone wants to enjoy their holiday, many holidays involved moving from your home to other destinations which means there will be an empty house while on holiday.

Keep Your Home Secure During the Holidays


There are a lot of people who are aware of the dangers of leaving their homes unguarded during the holidays. The case study of Australia can be viewed: just in 2017, there were over 200,000 burglaries in Australia which shows that 20% of the homes in Australia have been burglarized. With this statistical fact, home security has become inevitable in our everyday living, most especially while away on holiday.


There are numerous ways to ensure home security for homes during absence for holidays.



There is a need to be friendly with your neighbors. Your neighbors can keep track of the mail you get and also keeping an eye out on your house. They can report suspicious movement around your house to the appropriate authorities. Overloading of letters in your mailbox will surely indicate that you are not in the home. This allows the burglars to make plans about entering your home. If your neighbors will pick up your letters, this will save your properties from suspicions.


Secondly is by cleaning your vicinity and making it visible to all. Clearing your home environment before embarking on the proposed journey will help. You can hide items that may be appealing to burglars. Many thieves only attack homes not open to the public. You can keep your yard clear from trees and shrubs that will give thieves a chance to hide. This makes it important for you to make your home visible to all by clearing the vicinity. The visibility of your home to the public will make it difficult for burglars to approach and break in.


Thirdly is the internal arrangement and tidying up of your home. This must be achieved by the arrangement of your properties in a very secure way. Move away valuables away from the window or anywhere in the home. If the items are visible to the naked eye, hide them. These things might be easy to locate. If your properties are visible to the public eye from the outside, you are surely opening your door and arms to thieves. People act on sight. Your valuable items must not be placed by the window in order to avoid been seen by the outsiders. Some may be tempted to break into your home.


Fourthly, you can also ensure security at your home while being away by playing pretence. This can be achieved by putting some necessary daily properties outside your door which will make it look like you are still in the house. Create the impression that you are inside your house. There are items that can be left outside such as buckets, sickle, boots, tents and other daily use tools. These items can surely signify the presence of people in the house. It is pertinent to note that this is not the master plan to distract burglars from engaging your home, its just one of the ways to securing your home.


Ensure a thorough checking of your home security triggers like the sound alarm and the police trigger alarm. This is very necessary and essential because of the number of homes this has saved from being burgled. Look at the software installation and double check the alarm and security triggers in the home. These steps will be a very good way to start ensuring security in your home while being away. Try as much as possible to replace any old lock or ineffective locks. Check thoroughly the efficiency rate of your windows and ensure there is no fault with the doors also.


Technological advancement has contributed immensely to the security of homes while away on holidays. Installation of cameras at every important angle in the home is a great step towards securing your home. Installation of recording devices and cameras is a viable and efficient way to keep your home safe. You can get wireless cameras which can give you live feed on your mobile devices. This can work no matter where you are as long as you have internet signal. You must increase the motion sensor level before leaving your home. Remove any platform that can enable climbing opportunities in your home in order not to enable thieves to use this as access to your home.


Ensure that the home insurance is updated. This is another efficient way of securing your home while you are on holiday. Thoroughly check through the insurance policy for any clause that may render your insurance policy irrelevant while away. You need to upgrade your home insurance policy to fit into your holiday schedule.


Another important way of securing your home is to avoid disclosing your holiday trip plan with people, most especially strangers. Be very cautious about posting your holiday trip and plan on the social network like Instagram, Facebook and other social media platform. You can leave a voice message in your answering machine to let people know you are out. Don’t indicate that you are on holiday, just say that you are unavailable at the moment. Doing all these will keep information about the holiday private. This can further ensure security for your home. People knowing about your holiday trip may plan to attack your home while you are away.

These tips are meant to help you avoid situations that might make you feel uneasy while you are on a holiday. If you need a honest and local locksmith in Austin Texas visit Bobcat Locksmith for more information.

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