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San Marcos Locksmith

It is always recommended that when you hire a San Marcos locksmith, you hire one from your very own area. There are Pop a lock San Marcos locksmiths that are available. Choosing can be a bit complicated especially if you do not know what to search for. Call Bobcat Locksmith today 512-954-5025 for 20-30 minute arrivals, fair prices, and the fact that we went to school here.

san marcos locksmith

We at Bobcat make sure that you get the services that you need for whether you are in need of a full-service Pop-a-lock San Marcos locksmith or you just need one of our minor services, we can assure you that we will be available for your different needs.

If you lose your car keys in San Marcos, expect that we will be there to provide the help that you need as your San Marcos locksmith. From transponder programming to car key replacements, we will provide what you are looking for. We have the solution for the problems you may encounter.

Pop a lock San Marcos

You cannot always schedule the time when you are going to need a locksmith. It will be easier to know the right company that can offer Pop a lock San Marcos service if you are going to have some locks of your home replaced. You can contact us at 512-954-5025.pop a lock san marcos

There are times however, when you would forget your key inside your car and you do not know any way to open it. You can contact us, let us know where you are located and we will be there in no time. We offer services round the clock because we know that emergency situations happen anytime. We also know the whole San Marcos area perfectly because our professional locksmiths have lived in the place for years. We have even gone to school at Texas State. Contact us for San Marcos locksmith services you may need.

You can contact us at 512-954-5025

There is no need to worry about who you are going to call when you get locked out of your car in the wee hours of the morning.  Our pop a lock San Marcos service will make sure that you will get the results  you need. Just provide us with address and and will be on our way, arrive in 20- 30 minutes.

Car Locksmith San Marcos

We know how inconvenient it is to be locked out of your own vehicle especially when the weather is less than ideal. It is a good thing that we offer our fast and immediate services no matter how inconvenient it may be. We have different car locksmith San Marcos professionals who are aware of the differences of each vehicle and how they can be opened correctly. We can assure you that we can solve your car lock problems in a short amount of time.san marcos locksmiths

It does not matter how complex your current car issue is. We will always try our best to provide the services that you are searching for. We have been serving people in San Marcos for a long time so we can assure you that we have honed our skills to perfect different car locksmith San Marcos problems that you can think of. Would you care to try our Pop a lock San Marcos soon?

It is only fitting that you want to know the car locksmith San Marcos that you will get when you contact us. We can provide the following:

  • Car Lockout Services – You have gotten locked out of your own car. Perhaps you have lost your keys or you have left your keys inside the vehicle. We can provide the services you need to open your car and let you in.
  • Retrieval of Car Keys – We can help you retrieve your car keys if you accidentally place it on your car trunk or you have left it in the ignition.
  • Car Key Replacement – Do you have a broken car key, a broken remote or a broken transponder? You should not worry because we offer car key replacement services that will help you get the replacement for the car keys with the help of car locksmith San Marcos in no time.
  • Car Key Cutting – This is more applicable for people who still have the traditional car keys and would need spare keys just in case they lose their main ones.
  • Reprogram Key FOB – There are moments when the key FOB will not work the way that it should. It can only be reprogrammed by s professional San Marcos locksmith and this is one service that we will be more than happy to provide.
  • Ignition Cylinder Replacement – What if it is not exactly your key that is causing problems but your ignition? We can still help you with that. Just give us a call.
  • Luxury Automotive Assistance – We have searched information far and wide for every car imaginable and we can surely offer this service if you need us to.

It is evident that we can offer different car locksmith San Marcos services. If you want to learn more about the various services we offer, you can contact us. We will be more than happy to provide more information about your different needs.

San Marcos Locksmith Services- Residential

You have already heard about car locksmith San Marcos and the various services we can provide but remember that we have other services as well particularly for your home. We are always ava

Locksmith San Marcos Texas

ilable so it can take about 15 – 30 minutes before San Marcos locksmith can arrive. It will take longer depending on the area that you are in or the time that you have called.

You can provide use with the proper information about your home’s lock when you contact us but we will understand if you cannot provide the proper details about the type of lock that your home has. We have the knowledge in order to figure out what type of lock you have and will give you the information you need.

The cheap locksmith San Marcos services we can provide for your home are composed of the following:

  • Emergency house lockout services – You may have lost your keys somewhere and you do not have a spare or you have forgotten the passcode of your home. We can help you open your own home provided that you can provide us with identification that will prove that you are the owner of the house you are trying to get into.
  • Changing Locks – There are times when you need to change your home’s locks. For example, you have just transferred to San Marcos and you purchased a pre-owned home. Changing the locks of the house is important because you do not know who has access to the locks of the house. You may also want to just change your locks and there is nothing wrong with that.
  • New Lock Installation – You may have updated your locks and you would like to have locks that are better than the previous ones. Our cheap locksmith San Marcos services offer this service that you need.
  • Damaged Lock Repair – Did you try to enter your home on your own and have proceeded to break the lock and perhaps the door? We cannot do anything about your door but we can try to repair the damaged lock. If the lock is beyond repair, we will recommend you to replace it. We can also offer broken key extraction if you need it.
  • Replacement and Repair of Window Locks – It is not only your door that you should be concerned about. You also have to pay attention to your windows as this is one of the entryways of robbers and thieves in San Marcos and other areas.
  • Safe Installation – If you want to keep your valuables at home, you can do it safely with the use of a safe. Avail of our cheap locksmith San Marcos services so that we can help you out. Take note that your safe should not be obvious and only a limited number of people should know your combination.

If in case you want to know more about our San Marcos locksmith services, you can easily do that by contacting us. We will gladly answer your inquiries.

San Marcos Commercial Locksmith

Who says that only vehicles and home can get cheap locksmith San Marcos services? We also offer our services to commercial establishments. We understand how important it is for employers to make sure that their employees are safe and protected at all times. Office buildings often contain vital company information that should not be seen by people who are not allowed to see it.

Car Lockouts San Marcos

We can be the best partner that you are searching for to provide mobile locksmith San Marcos at the soonest possible time. Take note that we are open whenever you need us. Just give us a call and you can expect that we will be available for you.

Our Pop-A-Lock San Marcos is not limited to our residential and auto services. We can provide this for our commercial locksmith services as well.

These are some of the commercial San Marcos locksmith that we offer:

  • Commercial building lockouts – Let us say that there is something wrong with your lock and you do not know how to open it. What are you supposed to do then? You can contact us to provide mobile locksmith San Marcos so that you can enter your commercial building at the soonest possible time.
  • Cutting Padlocks – There are some commercial building owners who are not too fond of using new locks in order to secure their buildings. If you are still doing this and the rusty padlock does not want to open anymore, contact us.
  • Opening and Unlocking File Cabinets – More and more business establishments are using other means of protecting their files but there are still some businesses who keep their needed files under lock and key and in file cabinets. We will make sure to unlock them for you if something goes wrong with the keys.
  • Reprogramming Digital Locks – Newer and more advanced commercial establishments still have their own share of problems when it comes to making their locks work. We can help you reprogram the digital locks so they can be reused. We can also help make the locks more secure.
  • Upgrades – There is nothing wrong with upgrading your old lock. In fact, this is a good thing on your part because you will be able to improve your establishment’s security.
  • High-Security Locks – Residential and commercial buildings needa high-level of security to ensure that they will always be protected from robbers, thieves and other people who may have their own personal interests in trying to enter an establishment. As a mobile locksmith San Marcos, we have extensive knowledge about the installation of high-security locks that will make your business establishment more secure than ever.

Take note that we will do our best in order to reach your business at the soonest possible time. It may take about 15 – 30 minutes depending on the proximity of your commercial establishment to our San Marcos location.

Car Key Replacement San Marcos Texas

Upon arrival of the San Marcos locksmith professional, he will be assessing what type of service you need. You will be given information about what needs to be replaced, changed or repaired and how long it would take before the services is properly provided.


Some business owners are concerned if the picking of locks will result to damaging the locks that are used in order to keep the commercial establishment secure. We always try our best to keep your previous lock undamaged. In fact, we even repair locks if they are still repairable. There are extreme cases though when the only option available in order to solve the lockout is to drill the lock. You will be informed about this and the services we offer as your San Marcos locksmith so you can make decisions regarding this issue immediately.

24-7 Locksmith San Marcos

Locksmith Near Me San Marcos Texas

Searching for a Locksmith near me in San Marcos texas? You have found the right choice. We offer locksmith near me service, that can arrive in 20-30 minutes, and offer fair and competitive pricing. No more getting scammed by the scammers, just call us now at 512-954-5025.

We make sure to offer cheap locksmith near me San Marcos prices, that will be cheaper than most dealerships.  Since we are licensed and bonded, that means that you dont have to worry about a terrible experience choosing a local locksmith near me in San Marcos Texas.



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