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  • Bobcat Locksmith BBB Business Review
  • Bobcat Locksmith BBB Business Review
  • Licensed and bonded #B04163101


Bobcat Locksmith’s Current Price List Updated 6-10-2021

New Car KeyStarting at $89 and up
Car Key ReplacementStarting at $55 and up
Prices Vary on Vehicle, (Transponder, Smart Key, Fobik, Key FOB, Push to Start Keys) Call Now for Pricing, *** Key Prices Do not Include Service Call Charge***
Ignition RepairStarting at $115 and up
Transponder Key ProgrammingStarting at $60
Ignition Key ExtractionStarting at $60
Car LockoutsStarting at $50-75
Residential LockoutStarting at $75-$150
Apartment LockoutStarting at $75-$150
Business LockoutStarting at $75-$150
Commercial LockoutStarting at $75-$150
Safe Lockouts-Starting at $75 ( Call for Pricing)
****Lockout Prices include Service Call Charge*****
Deadbolt InstallationStarting at 89$ and up
****Deadbolt Install does not include Service Call Charge***

These prices are the based on overall averages of prices that may be charged in most circumstances.