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Bobcat Locksmith provides professional lock poppin Austin services for residential, commercial, and automotive sectors in Austin, TX, and nearby areas. Our services include emergency lockout, key replacements, lock repairs, and installations, and are designed to deliver the most efficient and reliable locksmith solutions to our clients.

Bobcat Locksmith serves various cities in Texas, including Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Leander, Kyle, Buda, San Marcos, South Austin, North Austin, New Braunfels, Wimberley, and Martindale. Whether you require emergency lockout services or lock installations, our technicians are available 24/7 to assist you. Contact us for prompt and professional locksmith services in the Central Texas area.
choosing the right pop locking service in Austin, would you rather get from a place that is far away from where you are located or would you like to get a local mobile locksmith in Austin that can provide cheap high-quality services? Call us, we can be there in 20-30mins with fair and honest pricing.

Bobcat Locksmith is a family-owned local locksmith that operates in various parts of Austin. We provide services to both north Austin and south Austin and we make sure that we are available 24/7. One of the things that we hope to provide is impeccable service. We make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the products we can provide including Austin lock services, locked out of the car in Austin

We offer all sorts of services that will help you, especially during emergencies.

Why You Need A Trusted Locksmith

You have already experienced it at least once in your life. You have stood outside your door or your gate because you have forgotten your keys. It can be very dreadful especially if no one is going to let you in. The best thing that you can do is to contact a locksmith that can offer service, give Bobcat Locksmith a call at 512-954-5025 we can be there in 20-30 mins.

Just imagine being stuck along the highway because your car’s ignition has broken down or you may be in a parking lot and you can see your keys inside your car. You are tempted to just break your glass to open your vehicle but this is not ideal. The better option is to contact a locksmith that offers great prices and quick delivery

The Benefits of Getting Service from Bobcat Locksmith

The best thing about hiring the right locksmith that can offer lock popping services is that they are on call 24/7. You will only be given services by true professionals who will make sure that your vehicle or your house will be in good hands. You will be provided with reliable services that will improve your security not only for your home or your car. You can also improve the security of your business by calling Bobcat Locksmith at 512-954-5025.

Services offered

These are just some of the things that you can expect to get

  • Austin Lock installation
  • Austin Lock Repair
  • Austin Lock Rekey
  • Austin Lockout Service
  • Austin Key Duplication

There are still so many services that can be offered by locksmiths but one thing you can count on, their services are available 24/7.

Emergency lock Services

You are aware that everyone needs to know a professional that they can trust. You need to have a dentist, a doctor, a mechanic and so much more but have you ever wondered why you need a locksmith?

There are different situations wherein you need to contact a locksmith at the soonest possible time:

  1. You have locked your keys inside your house or you have lost your keys. It is not a joke when you are in front of your house and you cannot enter. Just make sure that you have all of the right proof to show that you live in that house or even a locksmith will not help you.
  2. You have locked your keys inside your car. This is only applicable to older cars because new cars use a keyless system. If you still use an old car and you have locked yourself out, call your locksmith. Most locksmith companies offer their services 24/7.
  3. The push-to-start keys may not be responding even if you have tried pushing. Take note that there is a technique to start your car with this feature. You need to step on the brakes of your car first before pushing. This will ensure that you are starting safely. If this still does not work, there may be something wrong with your key FOB or with your ignition.
  4. Your key has broken inside the lock. This may happen especially if you tried to insert a key that does not fit inside the padlock. It will be hard to remove the broken key from the inside and it can be even harder to open the padlock if you are doing it on your own. Contact the right locksmith that can offer the right services to get the appropriate services.
  5. Your locks may need to be replaced and you need to install new locks to protect your home from burglary. Perhaps a burglary has occurred in one of the houses in your village. You are wary about your home’s security so you want to make your home extra protected. This is possible if you would change your locks, especially your main locks.

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Primary Services Offered

  • Primary Services Offered
  • Residential Locksmith
  • Auto Locksmith
  • Commercial Locksmith

Opening Hours:
6 am-12 am

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Feel like your security isn’t where it should be? Call us, we can give you a security analysis to improve home security or auto security.


Commercial Locksmithing services include lock installation, repair, and maintenance. We offer high-quality lock replacement and repair services at an affordable price for all of our customers.


Are you facing a car key replacement situation in Austin, TX? Our automotive key replacement service is available to help you replace a lost or faulty car key fob. We provide fast and inexpensive car key replacement services for all car types and models.

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Cole was great and super quick
Sam H
Sam H
Locksmith arrived within 10 minutes of me calling and retrieved my key in just a few seconds. Great services!
Shara Henderson
Shara Henderson
Tom was so courteous, professional and very helpful! He went out of his way to do what he could to help and did great work!
Jolene Schantz
Jolene Schantz
melo was great and unlocked it fast
Xavier Hidalgo
Xavier Hidalgo
Quick and done
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez
Coke was fast and helpful. Great service!
jace kincannon
jace kincannon
my dog locked the car from the inside, Cole got to me & in the car in a quick & timely manner. I was so appreciative of his promptness & professionalism in a not so fun situation! I would absolutely recommend their services, & hope to not have to call again, but will know who to call, if I do!
Karilynn LaValley
Karilynn LaValley
Cope was excellent he got me in my car in no time
Diana Martinez
Diana Martinez
Cole was very helpful and super quick!!
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith
Cole got it open really quickly
Daniel Dunbar
Daniel Dunbar