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Interesting Places to visit in Round Rock Texas

August 15th, 2018BlogNo Comments »

Interesting places to visit in Round Rock

There are tons of places that are very interesting to go when you are at the Round Rock city. Someplace where you can chill out and enjoy the nature. Every visitors can seize the moment of having a stress free day in Round Rock city.

  • McNeil Bridge Bats

Have you ever experienced walking outside your house at night and you would see bats in the sky? The McNeil Bridge Bats is located at the North Interstate 35 Frontage Road, Round Rock. The South Congress Bridge Bats are the low key cousins of the McNeil Bridge Bats. The fly in the evening to haunt their prey, they can consume 20 to 30 pounds of insects. Even though that it looks like it is highly dangerous visitors still tend to go to the place. To get a better view, they brink tons of chairs and blankets at the bats that are being emerged. And to witness the aerial feeding of the bats.

  • The Old Settler’s Park

The Round Rock’s Old Settler’s Park is the greatest place to visit in the city. It is the crown jewel of the Round Rock. Known as one of the best sports destinations in the city, and it is certainly famous for those youth who loves sports and amateur sports leagues. The Old Settler’s Park has a total of 645 acres of land space where you can do some recreational activities, disc golfing and cricket. Inside the Park, you can see 5 fields of softball complex, 2 football fields, 20 fields for a basketball court and 7 soccer fields. And in this year there is a new multipurpose field complex that everyone can enjoy. Furthermore, Aside from being a giant sports complex, it is also best for those who just want to enjoy the nature and have a picnic.

  • Round Rock Donut

The Round Rock Donut is the home of giant donuts in Round Rock city. The shop is located at the West Liberty, Round Rock in Texas. They have the large variety of donut that also has different sizes. The donuts that are served in the round rock donuts are not made with those nut-based ingredients, but the pastries, cakes, and cookies that they serve may have peanuts, walnuts, and pecans within it. Above all, because they are using the same tools in making the dough they don’t certify that the products they have are not nut-free. And if you happen to lock your self out at 5am, give our Round Rock Lockmiths a call.

  • Palm House Museum

This is the Andrew J. Palm House, a historical marker located at the Round Rock Texas. The house is located at Palm Valley Boulevard in Round Rock Texas. The is a house of the history of the Round Rock. The reason why their house turned into a museum because if the vital role that they play for Round Rock. And in addition, it was commemorated with a historical marker. Above all, it is also the way of their community to preserve the legacy of the Palm family and to be recognized through the years.

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