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Honda Keys Made

At Bobcat Locksmith, we serve the entire city of Texas majorly, and our Auto Locksmith Rekey services include:

  • Austin Rekey
  • Buba Rekey
  • Georgetown Rekey
  • Kyle Rekey
  • New Braunfels Rekey
  • Pflugerville Rekey
  • Round Rock Rekey
  • San Marcos Rekey
  • Waco Rekey



Have you ever misplaced your car keys? Are you in need of a locksmith service for your Honda car? Have you ever been a victim of a Honda car theft? Mаnу еvеntѕ of саr thеft are done uѕіng fоrеіgn objects such аѕ wіrеѕ, ѕсrеw drivers, window brеаkіng, еtс. Mоrеоvеr, thе majority оf саr brеаk іnѕ еnd with dаmаgеd іgnіtіоn.

The First generation of Honda models keys (until 1996) utilizes metal blade keys which can be reproduced by an uncomplicated affordable cloning process. Later Vehicles (since 1997) dependent on the model as well as the year, converted to an encrypted transponder chip keys, which could be cloned; however, the process is not as simple as the earlier version and not as convenient as programming extra keys to the car making use of diagnostic equipment.

And moreover, all keys must be available. In the event you misplaced all of the keys, the car needs to be reprogrammed with a brand new code from the vehicle manufacturer, and a correct chip key have to be cut and programmed.

(Exceptions are the 97 and up Preludes in which the immobilizer module has to be re-flashed, which is a service only specialized Auto Locksmiths can perform). In 2003 all Hondas (2002 for the CRV) changed to a very high-security sidewinder laser cut type keys. In 2007 many models adopted the proximity fobs with a push button start ignition and maybe standard or an optional device.


Need a Honda Rekey?

The replacement of Honda keys and key fobs needs distinctive programmers to put together a brand new computer chipped key, which is just a little radio frequency transponder engraved in the plastic head of the key. The chip has to be synced and identified by the vehicle ECM or the engine will not start. To be able to duplicate Honda key all previous keys must be available, and if you misplaced one out of the keys, the process must use a PIN code bought from Honda based on the VIN to enables entry, starting up the car and driving.

If other car locksmiths have told you they can’t copy your Honda Key, don’t worry, Our  Auto Locksmiths can duplicate any Honda car key or Honda Key fob remote for any Honda on the road.

Using our ѕtruсturе, an Hоndа оwnеr саn retrieve a rаріd mоbіlе Honda Key Made replacement ѕеrvісе and a brаnd-nеw key іn hаnd within аbоut 1-1.5 hours. Call us and we will validate your year, make and model and get your exact location and will send on route a mobile Honda lock picking and key made specialist to your spot for any style of Honda keys, ignition or locks repair with 24 hour on-site.

At Bobcat Locksmith, we are a team of experienced mobile Honda Locksmiths with many years of background with Honda Key replacement, ignition switch and locks problems repair with a hassle free Auto Locksmith service that will save you time and money.

No matter what type of Honda key you have, we have 24-hour emergency service available. Within minutes, we can dispatch a skilled, licensed Honda keys Made replacement technician to your area. Our Honda experts’ technician’s vehicles are  prepared for fast and efficient on-site mobile Honda Key Made service, with our mission concentrating on getting you back on the road as fast as possible.

Our licensed Auto Locksmiths bring all of the equipment and tools necessary to provide onsite replacements or repairs to your Honda keys, locks, or ignition system.

Honda Auto Locksmith services:

  • Honda trunks lock out
  • Honda pickups lock out
  • Honda lost keys replacement
  • Honda chip keys cut
  • Honda chip keys programmed (Transponder keys)
  • Honda chip keys duplicate
  • Honda ignition install
  • Honda ignition fix
  • Honda ignition rekey
  • Honda replace keyless entry remotes
  • Honda replace broken or worn out keys
  • Honda broken keys extracted
  • Honda high-security keys cut
  • Honda high-security keys program
  • Honda Ecu Reflash service

Honda Keys Made at Bobcat Locksmith:Honda-Remote-Key

  • Honda Accord Keys
  • Honda Civic Keys
  • Honda Civic Hybrid Keys
  • Honda Fit Keys
  • Honda Insight Keys
  • Honda CR-V Keys
  • Honda CR-X Keys
  • Honda CR-Z Keys
  • Honda Del Sol Keys
  • Honda Pilot Keys
  • Honda Element Keys
  • Honda Ridgeline Keys
  • Honda Crosstour Keys
  • Honda Odyssey Keys
  • Honda Passport Key
  • Honda Prelude Keys

If you are looking for an Auto Locksmith company within the state of Texas you can trust with your car key, Bobcat Locksmith is available 24 hours for seven days a week and always ready to help you. You can always trust us with your Honda key.

Honda Locksmith services areas:

  • Locksmith Austin
  • Locksmith Buda
  • Locksmith Georgetown
  • Locksmith Kyle
  • Locksmith New Braunfels
  • Locksmith Pflugerville
  • Locksmith Round Rock
  • Locksmith San Marcos
  • Locksmith Waco


Our Rekey/Auto Locksmith task force is your one-stop shop for all your automotive security products, and Honda key Made services by VIN onsite. We are a proud team at Bobcat Locksmith to have served customers in the time of emergency within the state of Texas. In the case of urgency get in touch with us now and find the quickest mobile locksmith in your area.


About Our Technicians

We only hire certified locksmiths that have a proven and thorough knowledge of residential, automotive and commercial locks and keys.  Further, each mobile auto locksmith has years of technical, hands-on locksmith experience and is required to stay current with industry trends and the newest locksmith technology and tools. Be wary of locksmith scams

State-of-the-Art Locksmith Technology, Tools & Training

Not only does Bobcat Locksmith ensure each mobile locksmith is highly experienced, but we also provide them with the most advanced locksmith technology and tools on the market!  You can rest assured your home, car, or business is in experienced hands if you lose your keys, become locked out of your house, need to change the locks, or get a key replacement or rekey.


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