Funniest things to do in New Braunfels Texas

Aside from doing the typical activity that is in the tour plan, you can add up more places to visit and things to do to add up the spice in your vacation. There are also tons of activity that you can enjoy why you are in the New Braunfels.

• McKenna Children’s Museum

The McKenna Children’s Museum offers children to have a real interactive adventure using the different hands-on exhibits that they will surely love. The exhibits that are displayed inside the museum are built to focus on the technology, culture, and space to enhance and encourage the kids to unleash their imagination and creativity, at the same time for them to learn and explore. The activities that the kids can do are all linked to the scenarios that occur in our daily life. This can be a scenario about going to the grocery store, going to the art studio, lend a hand on a ranch, Tot space. The McKenna Children’s Museum also offers a destination space pod that is the most popular for the kids. It is about going on to space and wander around their own world. This is located at 801 W San Antonio St, New Braunfels, Texas.

• Texas Ski Ranch

The Texas Ski ranch was known as one of the best places that have great facilities in action sports. It is a 70 acres sports complex for outdoor activities. In the ranch, the visitors can enjoy wakeboarding, standing paddle boarding, water skiing and wakes. Aside from the water activities there are also trail for skateboarding and snowboarding on the Texas Ski Ranch. For the beginner, they have a coach that will help every newbie for the sport to learn and know more about the sports they want to get into. The activities in the ski ranch are available for adults and children. There is also a bar located beside the beach where visitors can chill and relax after a long day of playing in the extreme sports. The Texas ski ranch is open all day of the year.  If you get locked out at at the ski ranch , give  New Braunfels Auto Locksmith a call today a5 512-954-5025.

• Hill Country Craft Beer Trail

This unique trail offers the tourist a one of a kind ride of their life. The Hill Country Craft Beer Trail lets their customer taste the taste of the different craft beer in the Texas Hill Country. The customers will be sitting comfortably on a shuttle bus that serves complimentary drinks and food throughout the trail. Moreover, the length of the ride will vary according to the wants of the tourist. The bus will be stopping at the different breweries that are located along the track of the trail. The minimum breweries a tour can go is three breweries and the maximum will be eight. Each stop the travelers will get the chance to taste the signature beer the breweries have. Booking of the tour can be via call or tourist can get a reservation on their hill country craft beer trail website.


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