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What is the real job that the deadbolts locks on your doors are expected to perform?

However, if home-security is your greatest concern, then we are here to help you. Modern technology has given us hundreds of hi-tech home-security systems, and smart homes which has to be useful into our everyday lives. What the real job of the deadbolts locks on your doors is to defeat the attacks of the opportunist and to make it tough enough that they will bypass you and go to an easier target.

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Deadbolts are comparatively more efficient and stronger than those conventional door locks. If you talk about the standard door locks, it would be important to know that they easily break and are not that strong to protect your home from being burglarised. A simple deadbolt lock installed by Bobcat Locksmith would help your security tremendously. Let us install a deadbolt for your home or apartment today!

A door deadbolt is a simple mechanism for locking a door. The deadbolt consists of one or more cylinders which are attached to a latching device. The lock will only open when a particular combination or the right key is inserted and this makes a dead bolt pressure and force resistant, thus ensuring your security.



Single Cylinder:  Single Cylinder locks are locked with a key on the outside and locked or unlocked with a thumb turn on the inside. Thus providing high security while also allowing ease upon exiting from the interior of the home. The interior is always unlocked unless you choose to lock it.

Double Cylinder Locks only open with a key on the exterior as well as the interior, this can cause a safety risk in an emergency. Double cylinder locks on doors used as an exit in an emergency situation is not recommended. Double Cylinder locking mechanisms move only when the lock cylinder is rotated, unlike a typical spring bolt action lock, which will open from a blunt force to the bolt. This is known as bumping a lock to gain access. Deadbolts locks can be found in digital keyless door locks and electronic door locks.

With the concerns we all have when it comes to the security of our homes, it is recommended that all exterior doors have deadbolts on them. It is also recommended that you take the extra precaution and install a deadbolt lock on your garage door entry into your home if you have an attached garage. So give your family the freedom they want along with the home security concerns they deserve by choosing any of the many deadbolt solutions available.

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Why Bobcat Locksmith for Deadbolt Installation?

We are the most highly recommended locksmith in Austin Texas, and our unparalleled services and knowledgeable staff are trained and ready to handle your needs at a moment’s notice. Your safety and security are as important to you as they are to us, and we provide guaranteed, dependable service to address all of your needs.

Our company offers the highest quality deadbolt locks and locksmith service to residential and commercial customers, let us install a deadbolt today. Our technicians also offer upfront pricing for the job so you can feel confident that we are offering you the best and affordable service. Whether you are contacting us due to an emergency or would just like to have a deadbolt lock installed or repaired, we will not waste any time responding to your call.


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