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Ford Key Replacement

Ford key replacement is not really as easy as it used to be when most car keys are still in basic and standard form. These days most keys are designed with in-built chip and a transponder, which requires programming before the replacement key can function completely. But do not bother about that, because there are experts trained in the cutting and programming of ford keys. The professionals can provide the perfect replacement key for your ford car within a very short time. This article provides an in-depth explanation of the different ways you can replace your ford keys, the information you are expected to provide, and how much you are expected to pay for ford key replacement.

Ford key

Process of Ford Key Replacement

We all know that ford is a giant in the America auto industry. The car brand has continued to roll out premium quality car models unmatched by any other brand in the industry. All parts of the ford car function effectively to provide the perfect ride to car owners, commuters, and travelers. The car key in particular is synchronized with the door opening and the ignition to provide maximum security against theft. But sometimes your car key can be broken or misplaced. When this happens, there is no need to be downcast or unhappy about it. There is a solution. Ford key replacement is simple and quite easy, even if you have a transponder type of key. The cost may vary. But you are sure to get the right type of replacement for your original car key.

Ford key

Ford key transponder

With the improvement of safety and security in car technology, transponders have now been introduced in car key technology to boost the security system in the car. But a professional locksmith should have the machinery, technology, and tools to craft any type of ford key. If the right information is provided by the car owner, you should be able to get your ford key replacement within few hours.

If you just desire a duplicate, have your ford keys stolen, break the key, or lost ford key, having a ford key replacement is very much possible. Whether you have a transponder key or a basic ford key, there are so many options available to you when replacing your ford car key.

Most ford cars designed after late nineties usually have a transponder key, which is used to disarm the immobilizer at the ECU of the engine. A professional locksmith can provide the right replacement key and help you synchronize your new car key wit your ford engine so that it accepts it.  All you are required to do is to provide the model information as well as the year of manufacture and VIN of the car.

Some of the ford models with transponder features include ford explorer, ford focus, ford escape, ford f150, as well as ford fiesta.

Where to buy Ford key replacement

There are so many ways you can go about replacing your ford keys when you misplace or damage it. You can go to the locksmith in your area to find out if they have the right ford key replacement for your ford model. A car dealership can also be of great assistance when looking to replace your key or you can go online to search for ford key replacement. These have their benefits and shortfalls. If you want to search online for ford key replacement, the most basic place to go is at Amazon.  At the “my garage” section, you will see a lot of key replacement options for different ford models.  At Amazon, you will need to provide information about the model, design, and age of the car. Then the site will provide lots of options that fit the description you have provided.

Ford key replacement

However, the programming of the key is not done, so you will need to do it yourself with the help of a manual. What you get at Amazon or other online retail outlets is the key with no programming done on the keys. This is why they are usually cheaper. But you wouldn’t want to take that option if you don’t have an idea of how to program the responder to be able to unlock your car. Plus you may need to wait for 2 to 3 days before the ford key replacement arrives. You may not have that much time if you need the key in a hurry.

Ford key replacement at the locksmith

A better option will be at a locksmith where they can help you craft out a perfect replacement along with the programming of the new key. A locksmith can provide ford focus key replacement, ford chip key replacement, and any other type of key replacement you need.  Although this is a more affordable option than contacting a car dealership, there is a risk of running into an unprofessional locksmith who may not do a very good job. Moreover, some locksmiths may not have the right type of ford replacement key fob for your ford model, unlike at Amazon or a car dealership where there are different options.

But if your ford model is very popular, a locksmith should be able to provide the right replacement key. One very good benefit of getting your ford key replacement from a locksmith is the fact that they are pretty fast and can get you the right replacement in a matter of few hours. This will be an ideal option if you’re in a hurry or you misplace your car in another town while traveling.


Dealership is certainly the most expensive option when looking for ford key replacement. But they provide a high standard replacement and can get you the right key for any type of ford car you have.  All you need to do is provide the vehicle identification number. This is because they want to make sure the car actually belongs to you. You will also need to provide information about the car’s model and year of manufacture. Once you get them the information they need, your ford key replacement will be available within a day.

Dealerships charge a premium price when replacing your ford key. This is because they use the right machine and program your fob to work in line with your car’s ignition. This technical service they provide along with replacement of the key inflates the replacement cost. If you want the best replacement service, without worrying about the cost, dealership is the bet option for you.

Programming of the keys

If you buy only the cut-out key from online store, you can actually program the new replacement key. But this is only possible if you still have the spare key. With the blank key and the original, you can follow some steps and use some system to program your ford key. Some systems that can help you program your ford car include SYNC, E-PATS, PATS, and PATS II. When you follow the instructions, you should be able to manually synchronize the key with your car’s ignition system. But of course, most car owners don’t bother with ford replacement key when they still have the original. Unless they have completely misplaced them, they may not trouble themselves about seeking for a replacement key.

Do not wait until you misplace your key before seeking for a replacement.

Having a duplicate or replacement key is not a bad idea even if you still have the original key with you. A replacement will come in handy if you mistakenly lock yourself out and you need to use the car. In this case, you don’t have to call a professional locksmith to open the car for you. Your already made replacement can do the job. This will save you the stress and the cost of calling a professional. Moreover, it’s always cheaper to get a duplicate when you still have the original car key with you. It will be more difficult and more expensive to craft a completely new replacement key and do the programming. So, doing a replacement on time will save you a lot.

Chips and programming

Most ford keys make use of chips and transponders that provide signal to the car’s ignition. This transponder is a security measure to keep your car safe and respond only to the owner. If you are using a different key to open the car, the responder will send a signal to the car’s engine and it will refuse to start. But, getting a replacement key will require programming to enable the transponder accept the new ford replacement key. This is the sole reason why most ford replacement keys are expensive compared to replacing a basic or standard key.

How does ford key replacement work?

Generally, a locksmith is responsible for fixing your car key issues and providing you a replacement at a cost. When you request for a replacement, the professional will verify that the car is actually yours by asking you to provide the car’s vehicle identification number. They will also require the make of the ford’s model and the age of the car. This information will help them easily process the actual replacement key for your ford model. If you have a transponder car key, the professional will reprogram the key and make it acceptable in your ignition. Your replacement key will be ready for use once they craft and program the key.

Can I request for replacement even if I have not lost my key?

Actually, it’s better to have a replacement key on hand even if your original car key is available. This will save you some stress and high expenses in the future if you eventually misplace your car key.  Moreover, you are not replacing the original but a duplicate one. That is less expensive than the new replacement. Generally, providing a duplicate key is far easier than crafting a new replacement key for your ford car.

How long do I have to wait for ford key replacement?

The time frame for ford key replacement varies, depending on the professional and your type of key. If you have a basic car key, a professional locksmith shouldn’t spend more than 3 hours to get you a replacement.  Again, if you still have the original key but still looking for a duplicate. It will be quicker and easier to provide one for you. The professional doesn’t have to do anything much rather than cut the key to he perfect matching for the original. But if you’ve misplaced your car key, this is a different ball game entirely.  The professional has to get an entirely new replacement without any original to copy. It also requires programming of the transponder, which requires time and effort.  But you should be expecting to have your ford car key within a day.

What is the cost of replacing a ford key?

The cost of replacing your ford key depends on the model. For example, ford fiesta replacement key cost will be different from ford escape replacement key cost.   The effort and time of getting a replacement for these two ford cars will be different. So the cost is also different. But on average, you should be expecting to pay between $120 and $300 for basic or complete replacement.  The cost will increase if there are other additional services like ignition key replacement ford or transponder programming.


Ford is a very popular car brand in the world. Most ford keys are well designed with security measures to keep the car safe from theft. But if you misplace your ford key and you don’t have a spare, what will you do? You shouldn’t worry yourself when you lost ford key because there are ways to seek for replacement. A locksmith or dealership can provide ford replacement key, but or cause, at a cost.  All you need to do is provide information about vehicle identification number (VIN), design, and year of manufacture. With this information, a professional locksmith can provide the right replacement key for your ford car.

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