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Best Places to Eat in Round Rock Texas

August 15th, 2018BlogNo Comments »

Best Places to Eat in Round Rock

The Round Rock City is one of the most fun city that you can visit. There are also many different places that people should take a shot to go and explore them. Aside from the various great places, everyone can enjoy, the food in Round Rock city is also delicious and satisfying. Here is the list of the top places you should go and eat in Round Rock city:


The Ajo Restaurant is a family operated and owned type of business. located in Round Rock City in Texas. They claim to have that they bring fresh ingredients that are straight from the farm to your table. Greatly known for their greatness in emphasizing the flavor and quality of all their dishes. The bourbon-candied pork belly, Lobster-stuffed soft shell crab, fried tomahawk pork chop, blue cheese cheesecake and the Hamachi Crudo are the ajo restaurant Specialties. This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner to their customers. And even though their restaurant is located at the downtown of Round Rock City, the customers will not worry about the parking spaces.


  • Jack Allen’s Kitchen

Firstly, The Jack Allen’s Kitchen brings the Texas spirit not only inside their kitchen but also in the community. The restaurant started in the year 2009, and since that year they never skip a day to bring the classic Southern-inspired flavors that are all infused with the high-class Southwestern cuisine. The JAK opens daily to serve their customers with great food and very hospitable approach. Experience one of the most memorable eating experience here at the Jacks Allen’s Kitchen. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And they offer Brunch every Sunday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.. If during lunch, you got time and need your house rekeyed, check out


  • Nixtamal Tacos and Drinks

If you are into Tortillas, this the best place to go. The Nixtamal Tacos and Drinks earned their name as the best restaurant to have the greatest Tacos and Drinks in Round Rock City. To retain the deliciousness and quality of their food, their Tortillas and Tacos are freshly made every day. Tons of people visit this restaurant just to try their foods and drinks. Aside from what is on their menu, you can build your own Tacos that can be for a single or family order. The products in Nixtamal Tacos and Drinks are all Gluten Free and they don’t use peanuts for their food.

  • Greenhouse Craft Food

Greenhouse Craft Food is one of the casual restaurants that serves from the farm to your table in the Round Rock Texas. They serve various comfort foods that have the Texas flavors. The Greenhouse has a rotating menu composed of the different specials of their chefs. They claimed that their ingredients are not harmful and don’t use any pesticides or antibiotic substance. Aside from their mouthwatering comfort foods, they also offer their customer a rotating list of their 6 local brews and local wines. The greenhouse craft food opens daily to serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.




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