Renting an apartment makes security complicated. You cannot change its overall structure in order to make it safer for your overall security. You will not be allowed to paint walls or remove the carpet of your home. This does not mean that you cannot improve your apartment’s security though. You can ask permission from your landlord and the moment that your landlord says yes to the different projects you want to do, you can have a safer and more secure apartment.

1. Invest in quality blinds or curtains that can help cover your window

It always takes effort for robbers to get inside a home and just rob everything that they can find there. They do not want to waste their time by robbing an apartment that does not have anything valuable. By placing some blinds or curtains on your windows, you will make it harder for thieves to see what they can get from inside your apartment.

If you want added security, you can also make your windows safer. Your landlord will not allow you to place bars on your windows because it can say a lot about the apartment’s security. It may put off potential renters. You can purchase a security film that you can place over the window. This film is not obvious and it comes in different varieties and strengths. You can read reviews about the different ones before you make a choice.

You may also choose to place a window lock inside your apartment. There is a chance that the apartment has it but it was not maintained properly. You can hire the right locksmith in order to update the window lock for you.

2. Choose high-security locks

The best way that you can improve the security of your apartment is by choosing high-security locks. It will help to purchase from the right lock manufacturers but they will not be utilized properly if you would not hire the right locksmith to install them for you. When choosing the right locks, you have to know what a deadbolt will be able to take. Intruders will make a lot of noise when trying to break in and this will alert your neighbors for sure.

You can choose Austin locksmiths to help you with your door’s security. The installation will be fast and easy too so you can be assured that you will be sleeping in a much safer apartment after. Remember that there may be restrictions given by your apartment but you can follow the rules and still have a safer apartment after. Contact us for deadbolt installations when you click here.Rekey-Locksmith

3. Make your door stronger

One of the things that intruders can do to break in is to place as much weight as they can to force your door open. You do not want this to happen so what you can do is to make your door stronger without changing your door entirely. You can change the screws of your door or add a deadbolt. This simple change can make your door more secure.

If your apartment has a security screen aside from your usual door, this can also add a thin layer of protection from intruders. If robbers would know that it will take so much effort just to enter your apartment, they will probably look for an easier target.

4. Limit the number of keys you have

It would depend on the number of people who are living with you in your apartment but you should not allow just anyone to have a copy. It is always ideal that you change the locks on your doors before you contact a locksmith to have your keys duplicated. This way, you can be sure about the people who have access to your home.

If in case you need an extra key, a trusted locksmith from Austin will be able to provide a duplicate that would be highly similar to your real and actual key. Make sure not to have too many keys made as this can become a problem in the long run.

5. Have a safe inside your apartment

You know that there if thieves are determined to enter your home, they will do their best to enter even with all of the precautions that you have done. If you could have a hidden safe somewhere inside your apartment, you can place all of your valuables there so even if thieves would try to look for your items, they would not be able to find all the ones that they want to find.

Even if they do find your safe, they would not be able to open it unless they know the code. Do not give away your code to different people that you know. The fewer people who know about the code, the safer your valuables are going to be. If you need to have your combination changed, you can contact us for more details.


6. Place security cameras inside your apartment

Your landlord may have installed some security cameras outside your apartment but if in case you want added security, placing a security camera on some parts of your apartment will be ideal. Take note of the capabilities of the camera that you are using. It should be able to take clear videos and it can be streamed directly to your smartphone or computer.

7. Get renter’s insurance

Even with all of the things that you can do in order to improve your rented apartment so that it can be more secure, you still need to make more effort into getting proper insurance for your needs. There are some insurance policies that are amazing. Some insurance policies are not only for theft but also for damages that may be caused by man-made disasters.

You cannot be one of those people who feel that apartment security is a joke. If your valuables and your life are on the line, you wouldn’t be laughing. Contact the right locksmith for the various services that you need and keep your apartment safe.

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