5 Best Smart Doorbells for Your Residence

What type of doorbell do you have at home? Most people would say that they have the traditional doorbell. This traditional doorbell is wired. Every time someone presses the doorbell, a sound will be heard inside the home. This type of doorbell works but if you are searching for an upgrade, you need to be updated with the new and improved doorbells that people can place at their own homes.


You can check out different automated doorbells. They can increase the overall security of your home. They also come with features that you never thought would exist in a doorbell. There was a time when people thought that doorbells are already uninteresting but because of the recent changes, people are making the effort to take a look at their doorbells once again.

How to Choose the Best Smart Doorbell

Some of the best smart doorbells will be mentioned below but to further help you in making a decision, these are some of the things you can consider to pick the right smart doorbell:

Ease of Installation

You may want to have a doorbell that can easily fit into the wire that was used by your old doorbell. A doorbell that is easy to control will also be easy to integrate into the whole system.


This may or may not be one of the first things that you will consider when purchasing a smart doorbell. You want something that will fit your present budget. If you cannot afford the doorbell you want, you may either wait it out so you will have enough money or search for another similar doorbell that is priced within your budget.


Extra Features

Do you know that there are some doorbells now that come with facial recognition? How cool is that? You will have the ability to enter your home with the use of your face. This used to be only available in high-tech movies. This is the reality right now – this type of doorbell already exists. There are still other extra features that you can consider. For example, you may need a waterproof doorbell if you do not have a roof on the place where the doorbell will be installed.


Do you honestly want a doorbell that you find unattractive? The design is still one of the things that you will consider. The more that it fits the exterior of your home, the better.

Application Friendly

Some doorbells can be integrated with the rest of your smart home. Check if the doorbell has a download-friendly app.

Now that you know some of the qualifications that will help you pick a smart doorbell, making a choice can be far easier than before.

The Top Doorbells to Consider

There are a lot of smart doorbells on the market but you should not feel overwhelmed and confused. These are some of the best doorbells to consider:

Nest Hello

Do you want to have a doorbell that is slim and attractive-looking? This doorbell looks futuristic and it has features that will make it smarter than the other doorbells in the market. This comes with a clear camera that has HDC. This means that you will be able to see who your guests are even at night. The doorbell can also provide some fast replies to the guests who are waiting outside your gate. Take note that you need to subscribe so that you can have access to the facial recognition feature. This can be very useful for you. It can keep out intruders quite well even when you are not at home.


Vivint Doorbell Camera

If you want something small but still functional, this is the best doorbell camera that you should consider. It may seem very simple because of its size but it can offer a lot of features that you will like. This can fit well into any home’s design so you need not worry about how it would look with the exterior of your home. This will help you open your door with the use of your application that may be installed on your phone. You will have complete control over who you would like to enter your home and who are the people you would not want to answer to. Take note that this is more expensive than other smart doorbells. If you think that it is worth it, then go for it.

SkyBell HD

Some people think that this doorbell may be simpler than the other doorbells on this list. It is simple but the fact that it can store videos and playback videos of people who have tried to enter your home, it may be worth checking out. This comes with a strong system that will be effective in protecting your home. The 1080p video is not the best when compared to other smart doorbells. This can be easily integrated with the rest of the smart appliances you have at home even if it does not have high-tech features like the others. The only issue with this is it needs to be wired before it can be used.

August Doorbell Cam

The August doorbell cam may be closely related to the August door lock. You may have both if you want to but if in case you only want to know more about the August doorbell cam, you will learn the much-needed information right now. The futuristic design of this smart doorbell makes it a good addition to any home. The HD camera can provide clear videos of people who would like to enter your home. This also has motion detection so it will know when it is going to start streaming videos of your guests or the rest of your family members. Take note that not everyone is fond of its sharp design.

Blink Video Doorbell

If you do not want to have a wired doorbell then you have found the one that you need. This can be powered by batteries but the batteries do not have to be replaced often. Most batteries last up to 2 years. This affordable doorbell will provide you with 720p video which is lower than all of the doorbells on this list. The fact that this comes with cloud storage can still make it a good buy as compared to the other smart doorbells you can find in the market.

Out of all the smart doorbells available, which one did you like most of all? You can research more about the different ones so that you will be able to make the right decision. In the process, choose Bobcat Locksmith if you need a smart doorbell to be installed right at your own home.