Traits of a Good Automotive Locksmith

Many times a year the average person will lose their car keys, some people will find them and some won’t. It’s really good to have a set of spare keys so that this does not happen when you are on the go and trying to get to work. Having an extra set of car keys eliminates most distractions and will allow you to go on your way and handle life more productively. When choosing an automotive locksmith it’s important to look for a few Traits.

Being able to stay up late into the night

Sometimes people lose their keys late at night and get locked out of their cars unexpectedly. Being able to service a customer 24–7 is crucial in the locksmith industry. Not everyone is working a 9–5 shift anymore, more and more people are working late and long hours for instance hospital staff.
Being a People Person:

It helps when being a local auto locksmith, to be able to be nice and kind to almost every type of customer you encounter. For instance, you may run into people locked out of their car at an airport who need some car keys at Austin Bergstrom Airport at 2 am. These types of customers usually can be cranky, under duress, and stressed out. Being a
locksmith means that you are put into situations that most normal people are not accustomed to or encounter on a daily or even yearly basis.

For example, a mall employee who opens their store or shop at 6 am might need a key made, being up early can lead to these types of jobs, or the person who has lost their keys after the bars close at 2 am in a location like 6th Street in Downtown Austin. It has been said by wise people in the industry that this job entails 60% skill and 40% customer service, being a local locksmith means being able to be of customer service on most calls such as taking a phone call, offering solutions then showing up when the customers needs you.

Having the Right Tools
If a customer needs a car key for a 2014 Chevy Truck or a 2012 Ford F150 for a car locksmith they have the key programming capabilities as well. Perhaps performing a lockout might require a specific lockout tool that doesn’t damage the door, people try to use coat hangars all the time, and end up damaging their car. One time, on a rainy day we drove by a couple of teenagers on the way to residential lockout, they were using a crowbar and trying to pry open the door of their F-150 truck. This cost hundreds of dollars of damage to the body of their truck.
Being able to handle many things and not getting upset

There are weird stories sometimes being an automotive locksmith that includes foreclosures, where you have to make a new lock while watching a Sheriff evict someone, these types of situations can be tough to stomach or watch but they are part of the job. Another case may be having to urgently unlock a pet out of a car in the hot sun in 99-degree temperatures, being a pet lover can add the extra pressure on.


Being an automotive locksmith can be tough, challenging, and rewarding at the same time. The job always requires something different however having these 4 traits can come in handy to being a successful locksmith.