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  • Bobcat Locksmith BBB Business Review
  • Licensed and bonded #B04163101

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Full Service Fast Professional car key replacement services

Warning: Make Sure You Read This BEFORE You Call an Austin Locksmith

Locked out of your house or car? Need a rekey for your business, we got you covered !

Maybe you can even see the keys staring at you through the window, mocking your simple mistake.

Before you start to claw at the keyhole, use a crowbar to open your car door or break a window, call a professional lock and key Locksmith Austin company to get you access back into your car or home without causing any unnecessary damage.

In need of a A+BBB rated organization that offers Locksmith Austin services that won’t scam you ?


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Honest professional Locksmith Austin security services.

Our lock and key company techs are skilled in car key replacement and under most circumstances, you don’t need to replace your entire house locks either.

If you’re looking for expert installations or, safes, intercoms, doors, or gates – we’ve got you covered.

Your home safety is our top priority and all our locksmith Austin home security consultants are skilled and trained with the latest technology.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and use only the most trusted brands that have stood up to the test of time.

Not all car key experts can say the same thing. There are many scammers out there using shoddy tactics or cheap products, preying on people in their most vulnerable moments when needing an lock replacement.

Don’t trust just any Locksmith Austin when it comes to the locks on your car or home. Not only will you end up spending more, your safety in the future can be compromised with a cheap lock or improper install or a cheap car key replacement that quits working the next day.

Choose us for all your auto and house lockout needs! We’re licensed and insured to perform the work and never take advantage of you in any Locksmith Austin emergency situation , when needing a lock replacement.


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 Austin Locksmith Security Company you can trust

Getting locked out of your car or home can be a stressful moment. It’s important to remain calm and avoid using improper methods to pry the lock open.

You also don’t want to cause expensive damage to your property as that money can be better spent on an Austin locksmith and key company who can get you access into your house or car without breaking anything.

If you need an lockout service call us, don’t waste time

But just because you call a someone local does not mean all your problems are solved. Take Chris’ experience for example.

Late one night in January, Chris came home from a party and realized he’d locked his keys inside the car. All the doors and windows to his home were closed and locked for winter weather and he didn’t have a spare key.

Open 24 hours

Desperate to get inside where it was warm, he used his phone to search for a pro in his area. He called the first number he found and was connected to a customer service representative.

Chris explained his situation and asked for an Austin Locksmith quote up front. The representative quoted him $30 and asked what city he was located in.

Chris found it puzzling she didn’t know where he was but felt happy it would be so affordable to fix his mistake.

30 minutes later, a “locksmith” drove up in an unmarked van. After inspecting the lock on his car, the scammer told him it would cost $300 in cash to unlock.

He explained the problem was more complex than originally thought and would require a full replacement of his ignition, instead of a car key replacement.

All payments accepted

Baffled at the drastic price hike, Chris reluctantly agreed because he couldn’t imagine waiting longer out in the cold.

While the rip off artist worked, Chris called the company’s number back but it was disconnected.

If this story sounds questionable to you, it happens to unsuspecting people every day. Austin Locksmith Scammers use shady business tactics to trick people during emergency moments.

The phone numbers found on search engines are created by lead gens with a network of sub-par contractors in a city. They always quote low on the phone and give price hikes once the technician is there, citing reasons like complexity or full lock replacements.

Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of!

We are licensed and insured to perform professional security services and all our Austin Locksmith specialists are properly trained.

Our experienced professionals are honest and trustworthy, but above all we respect our clients.

We understand your time and money are important and never engage in switch and bait pricing. Our mobile locksmith services can rekey on site, so you can get on with your plans as quickly as possible.

Our lock replacement company uses only the most trusted brands in settings locks, like Schlage, Locksmith Austin, so we don’t compromise the security of your home or car. Check out our blog for the 8 most trusted home lock brands.

We’ll help you handle any lockout emergency quickly without suggesting unnecessary services. Call our office anytime and get help in 20-30 minutes for your auto locksmith or residential services. We are open 24/7!

Don’t let scammers take advantage of you in an emergency. Choose our trusted and reputable residential & car key programming services instead!

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Car Key Replacement Austin  services without damaging your property

When you work with us you are getting high-quality professional  services.

Don’t risk damaging your property to gain entry when our lock and key services can save you time, money, and the headache of fixing your car or house.

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Here are some of the services we offer:

See what some of our satisfied clients have to say:

“I locked myself out of the house one night and needed help. The home security consultant showed up, was polite, and had me in my house within 30 minutes from my call! Thanks.” – Jamie T.

“My mother-in-law got scammed a while back so I’ve always been wary of locksmiths. But I wasn’t going to break my car window because fixing that would cost more than getting it unlocked. I’m so happy I chose you guys for getting my car door unlocked. It was fast, easy, and painless. Highly recommend!” – Robert M.

Don’t wait – contact your lock and key company today!

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Make Re-entry Into Your Texas Home Quick and Easy With Professional lock and key Services

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and integrity with which we perform it.

Our pricing is straightforward and competitive with other professionals and we never surprise you with hidden fees.

For example, a duplicate car key starts at $55 and residential lockout services start at $75. A more complete list of our services and prices can be found here.

made on the spot keys

If you need key duplication or residential lock services, call us at (512) 954-5025 now! We’re available 24/7 with immediate service available no matter the hour or day of the week.

We guarantee quick, lock and key services you can count on using only the most advanced technology and parts for the security of your vehicle and home.

Bobcat is here to save the day !

When it comes to lockout services, you have several options available to you.

  1. Try and pick the lock yourself and hope you don’t cause any permanent damage.
  2. Call the cheapest service you can find and hope they even know what they’re doing. Don’t be surprised when they ask for a huge price hike once they’re on site.
  3. Or you can use quality and reputable residential locksmith services from us to get you back into your car or home quickly without causing unnecessary damage or paying an arm and a leg!

We are a mobile emergency lock and key replacement service who can help you at any time.

We aren’t too far from the airport, the UT Campus, and Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park making it easy and convenient to help anyone in the the local area. Give us a call, you won’t regret it.

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We have over 110 5 Star Reviews currently, because we care and put customer service first always.

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Car Key Replacement Austin and Locksmith Austin Services

When choosing the right car key replacement Austin service; would you rather get from a place that is far away from where you are located or would you like to get a local car key replacement that can provide cheap pop a lock services. Call us, we can be there in 20 to 30 minutes with fair and honest pricing.

Bobcat locksmith is a family-owned security company.  We provide car key replacement Austin services. and we make sure that we are available 24/7.  We make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the products we can provide, we emphasize customer service over anything.

We offer all sorts of services that will help you especially during emergency situations, such as lockouts, car key replacements, and 5 star Locksmith Austin Customer service

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