Martindale Locksmith

Bobcat Locksmith provides professional Martindale locksmith services for residential, commercial, and automotive sectors in Austin and nearby areas. Our services include emergency lockout, key replacements, lock repairs, and installations, and are designed to deliver the most efficient and reliable locksmith solutions to our clients.

Bobcat Locksmith serves various cities in Texas, including Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Leander, Kyle, Buda, San Marcos, South Austin, North Austin, New Braunfels, Wimberley, and Martindale. Whether you require emergency lockout services or lock installations, our technicians are available 24/7 to assist you. Contact us for prompt and professional locksmith services in the Central Texas area.

Martindale Locksmith

What do you normally look for when searching for the right Martindale locksmith to hire? Are you searching for a locksmith that will arrive in 20-30 minutes, offer competitive prices, and do it with a smile? Perhaps you are searching for a company that has been operating for years. You would like a Martindale locksmith that you can trust. Call Bobcat Locksmith at 512-954-5025

Searching for the right professional that can provide cheap locksmith Martindale services can be a bit complicated. There are different locksmiths available but not all of them will provide their services at affordable prices. Bobcat specializes in Auto, Residential, and commercial locksmith services in Martindale Texas.

We at Bobcat Locksmith will make sure that you will be happy and satisfied with the services that we can provide for you. We are always available on call. You can contact us and we will provide the services that you need in a short amount of time. You can call us if you have gotten locked out of your home or you have lost the keys to your car. Whether you would need our emergency services or you just need routine services to ensure the protection of your properties, we will be here for you.

You can contact us at very short notice and you will still get the services that you are searching for immediately.

Martindale Texas 24-Hour Locksmith Services

Looking for a locksmith that can provide Martindale Texas Locksmith services will be hard if you do not know what service you need. If you simply need to have a lock fixed at home or you need a spare key but you do not need it as soon as possible, you can contact us to schedule a consultation. We will be more than willing to talk to you and get to know your different concerns. The more that we understand what your present situation is, the better.

We know that emergencies can happen at the most unexpected time. You may be in high spirits because you have accomplished a lot today but the moment that you get to your house, you will realize that you cannot open your garage door. What are you going to do then?

It will be normal for people to inspect the garage door to see why it is not responding especially if a remote is used to open it. If you cannot think of any solution to this problem, you can simply call our Martindale locksmith phone number at 512-954-5025 to provide whatever service you may need.

We can help with all types of locksmith services. Whether you need us to help you open your car, your home, or your office, will provide the services that you are looking for. The moment that you have finalized what services you can get from us, give us a call.

Our customer service representative will be more than willing to answer your questions. You can also ask us for an estimate but it would depend on the information that you will give us about your present situation.

One thing that we can promise is that our car locksmith Martindale services are worth it. We make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the services we can provide. We offer a discount of 10% to students, those who are in the military, and seniors. We also give discounts to those who will pay in cash.

We are determined to provide prompt and reliable Martindale locksmith services.

Car Locksmith Martindale Texas

What is one of the problems you may encounter with your car? There are so many that may happen but one that happens to different people all the time is leaving their keys inside the car. This happened more before when cars can still be opened with traditional keys. A lot of new car keys now are equipped with more mechanisms that will make them safer than traditional keys.

It can be easier to create spare keys for traditional keys but you can ask us if to create a spare for your modern car key and we will tell you if it is possible or not. We are proud to say that we have cheap car locksmith Martindale services. You will not regret contacting us for your auto locksmith Martindale needs.

If you lose your car keys, you have the option to ask for help from other people but they can only help if they have a spare key. You have no choice but to contact Martindale Locksmith to help you out. Hiring a random company can be problematic because you may be scammed.

Take note that there are so many scammers who take advantage of people online. They usually pretend to be locksmiths that are serving your area but the moment that you contact them and they arrive at your location, they will tell you that the fees are so much higher than what you agreed upon over the phone.

Most people would say yes to the overpriced fees that are given to them because they would like to get out of their unpleasant and uncomfortable situation. Do you want to become a victim too? No one would like to become a victim so do yourself a favor and make sure that you contact us at Bobcat Locksmith to provide the car locksmith Martindale services that you are searching for.

These are the Car locksmith Martindale services that can offer:

  • Transponder Keys
  • Transponder Chips
  • Smart Keys
  • High-Security Side Winder
  • Push to Start Keys
  • Pop-a-Lock Martindale
  • Car Key Replacement
  • Automotive Keys
  • Car Trunk Opening
  • Car locksmith Martindale

We offer a lot of other auto locksmith Martindale services. Simply contact us and we will be more than happy to provide the services that you need.

Martindale Locksmith- Residential

We are proud to say that over the past years, we have managed to improve our reputation. We have already provided quality locksmith services to various customers and we will be more than happy to provide the same services to you as well. We have our standards that do our best to follow. We offer friendly and satisfactory services that will surely please you.

We know that it can be harder for you to allow locksmiths to be near your house because it is hard to trust strangers after all. We can assure you that all of our locksmiths live within the area. These are locksmiths that have not just undergone training to improve their skills and their knowledge, they have the proper etiquette to respect your home and everyone who may be at home.

If you are searching for the right residential locksmith in Martindale, you have made the right decision to choose, and contact us now. We can assure you that we have the most advanced tools available to make everything more efficient.

These are some of the residential locksmith Martindale services can provide:

  • Installation of Grills and Bars
  • Installation of Deadbolt
  • Lock Poppin Martindale services
  • Home Safe
  • Re-Key Locks
  • Broken Key Extraction
  • High-Security Lock Installation
  • Garage Door Locks

We know how hard it is to get stuck outside your home especially when the weather is not too comfortable and all you want to do is rest but you have no chance to do it yet. You can break your window and try to enter hoping that you will not get wounded because of the glass shards. Another option is to try breaking your lock but you know that this is going to be a problem. Instead of thinking about complicated solutions, allow us to help you. We will provide the residential locksmith Martindale that you need.

Contact us and you are expected to get the following:

  • Fast and reliable service. We strive to be where you are in about 30 minutes or less.
  • Competitively-priced services. We will charge just the right amount of money for the services that you need.
  • Friendly and professional staff technicians that will give respect to you and your home.

With all of the things that you can get from us, it will be an advantage to contact us as your locksmith Martindale.

Martindale Locksmith- Commercial

We know that one of your main goals, when you have a business, is you have to keep the business establishment safe. Let us say that you have a restaurant and you want to make sure that it is protected when it is closed. Just imagine realizing that you have been robbed during the night. It can cause you a lot of stress.

Prevent this from happening by making sure that you will hire us for your commercial locksmith Martindale needs. Our emergency commercial locksmith service is not only applicable for break-ins, it can also be used when get locked out of your business establishment.

Imagine looking for the main key from your bag only to realize that it is not there. You may try to remember where you last left it but when you tried looking into your establishment, you see the keys there. Your keys will seem to mock you from their location. Do not try breaking your lock just yet as the damages will become more expensive. What you can do instead is to call us to provide locksmith Martindale service.

You are now aware of our lock poppin Martindale service. Are you aware of the other services can give you? These are just a few:

Master Key System

It can be hard if you have a lot of employees to manage. There are some areas wherein they are meant to stay while there are also areas that they are not allowed to venture into. Have a master key system made with our help to avoid confusion in the long run.

Lock Installation

Is your business new? There is no need to worry as we can provide the needed locks that your business needs so that it will stay safe from those who are unauthorized to enter your office.

Key Replacement

If you have lost your keys and you need a duplicate key to enter your office, we will be available to provide the key that you need.

High Security Lock Replacement

Let us say that you would like to change your office locks from the usual ones to more secure locks that will also improve the security of your business establishment. We will make sure that this is possible.

Lock Repair

There are different reasons why your lock needs to be repaired. The key may have gotten stuck inside the lock or it is not functioning well with your usual key. Our locksmith Martindale services will all be worth it.

We are proud to say that we keep all our locksmith technicians well-trained. They have undergone training before but they still undergo training now to keep themselves updated with the latest technology. Locks change very often and the items that are new now will not be new next month when other new items that need to be studied come out.

We aim to provide you, our customer, the very best level of quality customer service by providing our commercial locksmith Martindale. We have slowly improved our reputation over the years by showing the kind of service we can provide. We are happy to say that a lot of our customers are also happy with what they have gotten from us.

We are hoping to make a lot of other people happier through the services that we can provide. We will be more than happy if you could be one of these customers as well. Whether you just need us to fix the lock on your file cabinet or you would like us to install a panic bar so that you can keep yourself and the rest of your employees safe, simply call us and we will strive to reach you within a short amount of time.

We will strive to give you peace of mind while we work on the Martindale Locksmith service that you need for your automobile, your residential home, or your commercial building. We only use well-known items to be trusted and durable. We want you to feel secure. Do you need more information? Contact us now at or directly at 512-954-5025

Experience it for yourself – hear what our satisfied customers have to say.

Customer Review

“Justin was great. I called numerous places and Bobcat Locksmith had the best prices by far. I lost my car key in the river the day before I moved to a different city. I was able to get a new replacement key in a matter of minutes on a Sunday morning of all days. While he was there, we were able to get quotes for backup keys for all our vehicles and schedule our next appointment. Highly recommend”

Justin is professional and reasonably priced.   Great communication on phone and on texts.  He is working with me to get a car FOB re-programmed and making it easier than other places advertising to do the same.

Primary Services Offered

  • Residential Locksmith
  • Auto Locksmith
  • Commercial Locksmith

Opening Hours:
6 am-12 am

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Cole was great and super quick
Sam H
Sam H
Locksmith arrived within 10 minutes of me calling and retrieved my key in just a few seconds. Great services!
Shara Henderson
Shara Henderson
Tom was so courteous, professional and very helpful! He went out of his way to do what he could to help and did great work!
Jolene Schantz
Jolene Schantz
melo was great and unlocked it fast
Xavier Hidalgo
Xavier Hidalgo
Quick and done
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez
Coke was fast and helpful. Great service!
jace kincannon
jace kincannon
my dog locked the car from the inside, Cole got to me & in the car in a quick & timely manner. I was so appreciative of his promptness & professionalism in a not so fun situation! I would absolutely recommend their services, & hope to not have to call again, but will know who to call, if I do!
Karilynn LaValley
Karilynn LaValley
Cope was excellent he got me in my car in no time
Diana Martinez
Diana Martinez
Cole was very helpful and super quick!!
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith
Cole got it open really quickly
Daniel Dunbar
Daniel Dunbar